Partnership: noun, [ pahrt-ner-ship] The state or condition of sharing with another in some action or endeavor.

I approach each coaching relationship as a co-creative partnership. Like a beautiful piece of jazz improvisation, we consciously listen deeply to one another and together tap into a unique combination of spontaneous creativity mixed with intentional focus.


“Missy’s coaching has been by far, the most important resource in growing and developing my career coaching business. As a result of Missy’s coaching, I have a clear focus, a solid business model and a strategy for growing my business. Her guidance on business development has created a consistent pipeline of referrals and a comfortable and effective process for enrolling new clients. Her marketing and website knowledge and advice strongly influenced my website development, and her recommendations on technology have freed up hours per week. As a result of all this, I have a better-run and more successful business that I thoroughly enjoy.

Our work together provides a forum for me to look at my business every 2 weeks and see what’s working and what needs improvement. Her coaching keeps me focused on the activities that keep my business thriving. Throughout our work together, she skillfully balances support and accountability, providing just the right amount I need to stay on track and encouraged, yet willing to point out when I’m off base.

Missy has the rare mix of skills and experience to provide solid business guidance necessary to build and grow a business, as well as the intuitive and spiritual skills to guide and support my inner work that needs to be addressed occasionally. That’s a combination that every business owner or consultant needs for long-term success.”

Stuart Meyer, Executive Career Coach, Aligned Career


“Before working with Missy, I had just reached a 6-figure yearly income in my 1:1 career coaching business. I wanted to leverage my time and start a premium group coaching program. But I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed about where to start: how to design it, market it, and launch it. I also had doubts that I could coach my clients successfully in a group setting. I was unsure about how to deliver my content and coaching in that format.

Missy suggested that we do a VIP retreat at her fabulous property near Buffalo, New York to tackle all of it. The retreat with Missy was amazing, both in terms of the setting and the results.

Missy treated me so well: with delicious homemade meals, access to a hot tub, walks outside. Everything was provided for me so that I could really focus on the work and relax.

In only 3 days, Missy helped design the full curriculum of my 4-month group program, the financial projection for the year, and the marketing strategy. I came out of the retreat with everything designed and ready to take to the next level. She was exactly the business ally and coach that I needed. She went beyond and above expectation! Most of all, through Missy’s guidance, I felt excited and confident that I could coach my clients successfully in a powerful 4-month group program.

As a result of our work together, I launched my group program successfully that year and I generated 33K for my first ever group program. The second year, 70% of my yearly income came from the group program. I’ve now delivered the group program three times and 30 people have gone through it and have had amazing career shifts as a result of it. For example, one of my clients started her environmental non-profit as a result of it and several others started various businesses they love. The power of community has made such a positive impact for my clients, that I decide to create a continuation group program for my alumni. All of this would not have been possible without Missy’s guidance and that amazing VIP retreat that was the birthplace of my signature group program that clients love so much.

Missy is a kickass business coach blending powerful business strategy, practical guidance, efficiency, with intuitive and heart centered guidance. I highly recommend her. She has changed the trajectory of my business and for that and more, I’m immensely grateful.”

Isabelle Peyrichoux, Founder & Career Reinvention Coach, Brilliant Seeds

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“I’ve worked with Missy for 3 years and she helped me improve the content, flow and delivery  of my 3-day live events which resulted in more revenue but more importantly in how I showed up and connected with the audience.

Her wisdom and insights have been instrumental in my business soaring over the last few years. The language I’m using in my marketing is more authentic. I’m coming from my heart more and connecting with my prospects and clients on a deeper level. And best of all I’m having more fun. I can’t say enough about the experience I had working with Missy.”

Debbie Hoffman, Follow-Up Coach & Speaker, Powerup Your Followup


“Missy was my business coach for two years. When I started with her and the Bill Baren program my business was making about $50,000 a year. I wanted to make more money and have more impact in the world helping the worst of the worst cases of pets with serious mobility issues like paralysis to get well. My financial goal was $100,000 a year.

With Missy’s guidance, and sometimes a little butt kicking, I realized that I didn’t need clients. THEY NEEDED ME! And so, my conversations with potential clients developed a whole new feeling where I was interviewing them to see if they were the kind of case I would take on, as opposed to hoping they would hire me. That feeling is so much a part of me now that I don’t even think about it!

And that feeling is SOOO attractive that money and opportunity flows to me constantly. I just got asked to co-host a long-running weekly radio show with a nationally recognized psychic! That gig starts in September 2019.

I also learned the power of experimentation and quick implementation allowing whatever happens to be a learning experience, not success vs. failure. This has led me to my marketing strategy that brings me a steady stream of prospects. Now that stream is increasing to the point that I may soon be faced with learning how to bring in other practitioners to serve my world-wide business.

Last year I made over $100,000! And my current trend would put me at $150,000 by years end and I can clearly see that I will be breaking $200,000 by the end of next year.

My wife and I never used to take vacations, just the occasional long weekend. We have taken a week-long vacation last year and this year and my business stayed strong. During the first vacation month my business hit a new monthly high despite being a week short!

I couldn’t be happier with how my business and my life are going right now. I’m 63 and I finally feel like I’m reaping the rewards for my years of dedication to my craft. Missy’s coaching was a HUGE part of turning my life from one of struggle to one of joy and fulfillment. I can’t wait to see what the next 30 years will bring!

If you are considering coaching from Missy you need to know something. She doesn’t need you to be a client. You need her!!!”

Dr. Nels Rasmussen DC, Healing Ministry for Animals

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I am super duper picky when it comes to business coaches and that’s why I choose ONLY to work with coaches who are the best at what they do. Missy is one of those rare coaches. She knows how to get clients unstuck and she is a wealth of business know-how, too. And her dedication her clients get is deep and profound. She is a true coaching rock-star.

Bill Baren, Founder, The Big Shift


After getting off the phone with Missy, I felt the possibilities, of my success on my terms fitting me like a tailor made suit!

Deborah Oppenheim, Sex & Intimacy Coach, DeborahKat