relationship: noun, [ri-ley-shuhn-ship] The way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.

This is how I treat each of my clients — we are in a relationship. We are connected and I take my relationships seriously with deep consideration.

Relationships are also the lense through which I look at business— relationship to your self, your clients, your team, your work, your spirit, your body. I consider the relationships between your business and its patterns, the natural rhythms that exist, the systems within and around it and the impact your business has out in the world.

All of life is interconnected, and your business is not outside of that natural law. If this awareness is how you’d like to work with your business and find alignment with yourself, I’d love to support you!

I serve high-caliber business owners committed to their inner work knowing that business growth and personal growth are intimately tied. I’m known to say what I think— calling forth the best, the deepest and the truest in you.  This also means that I will stretch you, hold you accountable and call you on your BS when I see it (in the most loving way, of course.)

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m not the coach for those who want to slide by, hide, ‘do it like everyone else’ or just get the information.

Here are the ways I can Support you…

On-Going Private Coaching

I typically work with private coaching clients in on-going twice monthly, one-to-one coaching sessions. Our work is unique to you, your business, and what is being asked of you to step into next. Some of the things we may work on include:

  • Large view vision for your business legacy and where you currently stand within that framework

  • Identifying your values and the places in your business that are or are not in alignment with those

  • Strategic Planning for the next phase, transformation, or project in your business including follow-through on taking steps

  • Simplify your Business Model to one that works for you, how you want to work, and the results you want to attract

  • Review and/or implementation of systems in your business to create more space and efficiency

  • A continual conversation of how you want to show up in your business and the places you hide, hold back, wear masks, etc.

  • Discerning the right best choices for you and your business that are MOST coherent with your unique way in the world

  • Finding continual balance and alignment within all your chosen priorities, be it: family, life, business, pleasure or self-tending.

  • Anything else that reveals itself to us on the journey together!

With this Ongoing Monthly Coaching package, we meet 60-minutes, twice a month for a minimum of 6-months. This includes recordings and notes from our sessions as well as email support in between our sessions. This package is $600 / month.

Single Strategy Session

Sometimes, you may find that you have a specific thing that you’ve got questions about, would like support with, or want another person’s ‘eye’s on. A Single Strategy Session is for you if you have 1-2 specific questions you’d like guidance with that are clear and concrete questions (as opposed to an entire overhaul of your business or ongoing accountability). These sessions are $400 which includes some initial emails, a 90-minute session, recording & notes from our session, identification of clear next steps and 2 weeks of follow-up support.

Private Multi-Day Coaching Sojourn

There are times where you may find yourself in need of more than an hour of support here and there to focus on a large step in your business. In these times, there is great value in stepping away from the every-day to create space for a deep dive of introspection, discovery and even implementation.

You may be….

  • Ready to vision the next iteration of your business and plan for the coming time period

  • Focused on a specific project you’d like to put some attention on in order to move it forward

  • Unsure exactly what is next, but you feel the nudge and sense that it is time for you to pause and look from a different perspective

  • In need of an unplug and reset for your energy, spirit and mindset

In these kinds of moments, 1-hour coaching sessions spread out over many months is usually not what you desire. Sometimes, a retreat away from what is familiar is what’s needed for the transformation you are calling forth. Stepping outside of your every-day is an opportunity to take a pause, reflect deeply and then roll up your sleeves to focus on creation!

That’s what this Sojourn is for. Come to my farm, Crown Hill Farm, for a supported, multi-day, fully customized experience that we co-create together in service to YOUR needs.

Because of that, I can’t tell you exactly what your Sojourn will look like. Each one is unique, like each person is unique.

Photo8 FINAL.jpg

“Missy treated me so well: with delicious homemade meals, access to a hot tub, walks outside. Everything was provided for me so that I could really focus on the work and relax. In only 3 days, Missy helped design the full curriculum of my 4-month group program, the financial projection for the year, and the marketing strategy. I came out of the retreat with everything designed and ready to take to the next level.”
~Isabelle Peyrichoux

What I CAN tell you is that there is a magic to this place. The land whispers her wisdom to you and teaches the full meaning of abundant deep-soul nourishment. There is quiet in the fields, vineyards and woods giving your room for reflection and thought. Your entire body releases the hum and buzz of a busy life so you can relax into the natural rhythms and pace of nature. And… from that place arises inspiration, wisdom, joy, freedom, vision, understanding and self-knowledge. I want that for you.

Your Sojourn Includes:

  • Pre-Sojourn Questionnaire so that I can begin to get acquainted with you, your business and what you are looking for from this retreat

  • a 90-minute call to discuss your desires for the retreat and co-create a plan for your Sojourn

  • a customized schedule that fits your business goals in addition to your desired timing and personal space

  • a room at Crown Hill Farm in addition to all your meals prepared with seasonal, organic, locally sourced products

  • Notes and/or recordings of our sessions and anything we create along the way

  • Two 1-hour followup calls within 2 weeks of your Sojourn to support you to integrate your experience back to your life

  • 3-Months of email support on any of the pieces we discussed and worked on together